Links to help you differentiate!

I’ve created a symbaloo containing many links to other resources that will help you provide differentiated activities.  This symbaloo also has many formative assessment strategy links to help teach using a “no hands up” approach so everyone has a thinking opportunity.  The symbaloo is only accessible if you create your own free account and link it to mine.  Here are the steps:

Go to:

  • click – start using this webmix
  • create an account
  • the webmix shows up for you on your account
Great questioning techniques help you differentiate when interacting with students. Here is a great resource that lists questions by Bloom’s hierarchy: click here  One teacher I worked with put questions on sticks and when visitors to the classroom interacted with students ~ they used those questions instead of the standard low level “what are you doing?”


Helping students understand what type of learner they are empowers them to advocate for what they need.  Here are a few links that will help you do that:

learning styles inventory:

personality inventory


Managing a DI classroom can be tricky!  One way to partner up students is to use appointment clocks.  The strategy can be found here


Appointment Clocks template


Partner Clock template


Finding other strategies can be time consuming….but one site lists MANY instructional strategies by category and has links to each one for you….check it out at: